Gorgeous Glossy Sparkly Pink Lips - The Secret is Out

Gorgeous Glossy Sparkly Pink Lips - The Secret is Out

I always like to play with my products. I try to use them in different ways and sometimes I get amazing results. This lip combo was no exception and I have to admit I'm loving it a bit too much.

The first two are probably two products that you wouldn't think of mixing or maybe not to use them in this order. However, the result is an amazing super glossy lip that is irresistible for any lipstick lover like myself. 

Ramble aside, the 3 products (and in this order) I use to achieve this lip look are: 

1-Makeup For Ever (MUFE) Aqua Lip in the colour 18C. This is an almost neon salmon colour. I used it to line (and maybe over-line) my lips and then I fill in my entire lip with this lip colour too. The formula is ridiculously long lasting and once you apply it let it set for a few seconds. 

2- MaxFactor Colour Elixir in the colour Princess Pink. This is the typical barbie colour that I would normally hate but I actually love it. It's a very cool toned pink (meaning blue toned) with millions of sparkles. You can't appreciate the sparkles on the swatch below but trust me it sparkles like mad.

3-GOSH Light'n Shine Lip Glaze in 01 - This is a clear gloss with iridescent sparkles in pink, silver and green. I used it to top it all. It gives me that mega shine that creates lovely reflections when the light hits it. 

And that's it! That's my secret out now.

It doesn't last for ever I have to admit and it means you need to take 3 products in your bag to touch up but I'm sure that will not scare any of you.

I love playing with what I have to create new things and I would encourage you to try it - It's like shopping your own stash and playing labs altogether! Super fun.



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