Makeup Kit - Blush Palette

Makeup Kit - Blush Palette

I have been doing full-time freelance makeup for a few years now and I'm always reviewing what I carry in my pro kit.

For me, the fundamental element is that the product needs to deliver - every time! I rely on my products 100% and for that reason I need them to do what they promise. I don't normally care about the price tag, unless I'm working on my brides or private clients who always want the feeling of being pampered and maybe Maybelline or Revlon will not cut it. So, my kit is a mixture of high-end, drugstore and TV or theatre makeup. 

Let's talk blushes today!
For a while I carried some of my favourite blushes in their individual packaging but I quickly realised that it wasn't practical and some products didn't work well with each other. So, I decided to build a palette that will be my go-to palette for every editorial and fashion job. They had to suit ALL my models regardless of their skin tone and that thanks to the different finishes and textures I would be able to play and customise colours if I needed.

I have been using my custom-made Le femme blush palette for some time now and I'm so impressed and happy with it! I purchased all the blushes individually and I put them in a Z-palette. For some very stupid reason I thought it would be good to stick them to the palette so I cannot tell you all the names of the colours. However, that is not very important. The idea of this post is that you see the range of colours I carry to give you an idea of what works for me.

The main colours I use are the more rosy/flushed ones. These are my go-to kind of automatically. I have some in mate finish and others with slight shine or satin effect. I have a few peach ones and you will notice that I have two very strong colours (red and orange) which I tend to use on models with dark skin tones. They work a treat! I also have a gold that I hardly use on its own. I love to mix it with the main colour I'm using. 
I also have the more tan shades which I use as cheek colours or as an overall bronzing effect.
All my blushes are powder blushes apart from the pink one on the bottom corner. That is a cream to powder blush from TopShop. I loved it too much that I decided to put one on my kit. It's fabulous.

You will probably notice that they look like new. Trust me, I've been using these blushes for probably 2 years now and it's because they are SO pigmented that I only just slightly touch the pan and then dust off the excess before touching my models' cheeks. I cannot see myself using all these blushes before it's time to replace them because of their best before date.
They are amazing value for your bucks!  

I hope this was useful for anyone who was curious about what I carry in my kit 



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