My Hair In 2013 According To My Instagram

My Hair In 2013 According To My Instagram

I always think that for some strange reason every woman wants the opposite of what she has. 

Blondes want to be brunette and brunettes want to be blonde. The same goes for people with straight hair that want curls and girls with curls want their hair to be poker straight.

For a long time I played with colours and textures - I dyed my hair in every possible colour you can imagine (apart from yellow and pink, I think) and for YEARS I straighten my hair every time I went out.
However, age, confidence and self esteem taught me to embrace what I have (or nearly all of it) and make the most of it.

My hair is naturally brunette and curly at the ends. But, I'm 32 and I have a crazy amount of greys (lucky me) which I don't find pretty on me. So for years I've been dying my hair into a sort of ginger/reddish colour. I think this colour matches my personality quite well and I'm 100% in my comfort zone with it. I find my natural colour makes me look very pale and makes me feel not like myself.
FYI the colour I use is 103B by Nice and Easy. I also have some blonde in the ends which is a past attempt of an ombre effect. 

As for the part that I really embrace is the texture and finish of my hair. I love my end curls and it depends on the cut, shampoo and drying technique I can get really big curls or the really tight ones. I love that about my hair! 

But, due to the nature of my job (freelance makeup and hair) I have a lot of hair tools and products I can play and experiment with!
It's so much fun and it's ok to change your look every now and then for a few hours. There's no harm! 

 These Hair photos are just a tiny selection from my Instagram feed. I'm quite newish to this app actually.
I can see that the curls dominated the scene but that straight hair is making a big comeback after I purchased the flip in hair extensions with added wefts for thickness.
I also noticed that most of the time I tend to let my hair dry naturally or if not I dry it with a quick blow dry - no round brush nonsense for me, thank you.

Having said all this, I think 80% of the time I wear my hair just as it is. No styling products, no hot tools and no accessories.
I like this 80%-20% balance as it makes me appreciate what I have and have fun when I want something different for a special occasion or when I have a bit more prepping time. 

Looking back to my photos is a nice way of seeing what state of mind I was in and how hair can really change my appearance (at least temporarily). It's fun to play with tools, products and colours but it's important to stay true to ourselves and to most importantly do and feel well from the inside out. 

No matter how much hair mousse or how straight your hair looks - the important part is the inside! It you feel happy and content with yourself, then you will look the part no matter what hair colour or style you are rocking!

I hope you all had lovely hair in 2013 and feel free to share your photos with me!



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