Quick & Easy Warm Smokey Eye Using MAC

Quick & Easy Warm Smokey Eye Using MAC

In my book there are two types of smokey eyes - the super intricate and delicate and the rock chic messy (yet gorgeous) one. 

I tend to gravitate towards the latter when it comes to my personal makeup. So, today I had to get up and get ready quickly but I still wanted to look good and I wanted the look to last all day long. I grabbed 3 MAC products that I knew would do the job and voila! My quick & easy warm smokey eye was created.

How I did it?

1- I smudged Smolder Eye Kohl pencil all over my lid. It does not need to be neat but make sure you keep it under the socket line. I then grabbed a shading brush and I smudged it and blended the edges. It will look as if you are removing product but remember this is just acting as a sticky base with a tiny bit of colour.

2- I grabbed another shading brush (the first one will be too dirty to do any other blending job) and I applied Satin Taupe all over the eye. Basically you are covering all the smudging you created with the pencil. As the base is sticky the eyeshadow will grab onto it and it will look brighter.

3- I grabbed a blending brush (like a 217) and blended all the edges to make sure there were no lines.

4- And because the look was a bit too flat for me I then added a tiny bit of Woodwinked on the centre of the lid just to give a bit of light.

5- Lastly on the lid (this is optional), I applied a little bit of orange shadow on the crease to make it look even warmer. You can omit this if an orange shadow terrifies you.

6-  I finished off the look with some brown liner on the lower water and lash line and a bit of brown matte shadow on the lower lash line to add to the smokey feel. I then applied a bit of mascara tops and bottoms.

For the rest of the face I used Dior Diorskin Airflash foundation in 300, Chanel Soleil Tan de chanel (on the cheeks) and I used a little bit of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 3 (under my eyes).

Remember, a smokey eye is just a technique so you can make it your own and change the colours.



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