Fashion Photoshoot - Products Used #2

Fashion Photoshoot - Products Used #2

Another day another fashion photoshoot!

I absolutely love my job and my models so I try to use only the best and what I know will give me the best results.

The key words on the brief for this fashion shoot showcasing the amazing Jocasi Bags were: Summer, fresh, cool, fashionable and comfortable.  

The setting was a luxury spa in North London where we could shoot in the garden, the juice bar and the swimming pool. Very exiting.

It was boiling hot that day so I knew I had to be clever with the makeup application otherwise they foundation and the rest of it would just melt.

For this particular photo I used the following products:

Face & Body by MAC (N3 to match my model's complexion)
Camouflage Creme Derma Color by Kryolan to cover any blemishes
Setting powder (to lock the foundation and to prevent any oils coming through)

A mixture of warm-tone blushes from my La Femme blush palette (see photo). 
Skin Glow in Dark by Top Shop. This is the star of the shoot! The amazing glow you see on the cheeks is thanks to this product.

A wash of warm-tones from my newly purchased Kryolan Variety Eyeshadow Palette V3 (Natural). Love this palette.
On the centre of the eye (not that you can see it on this particular photo) I applied a bit of light green
Black mascara
Wispies-type lashes 

Another star of the shoot - Kryolan Supracolor UV-Glow in UV Red. This is basically a neon red that looks amazing on any skin colour.

And that was it for this particular look.

The makeup lasted quite well an it photographed amazingly! No flashback and no harsh lines. 
What else I can I ask for from my products? I'm a happy makeup artist.



Photographer: Caron Westbrook - Check her amazing work here.

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