Depotting Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes

Depotting Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes

I love my Sleek eyeshadows because they are very pretty, they come in lots of different colours and finishes and they very affordable. So, understandably I amassed quite a few palettes over the years. For a long time I didn't mind to have them in individual palettes but I now wanted to get them all together into one big Sleek palette. So, let's get started with the DIY depotting galore!

You will need a) 90% (or higher) pure alcohol b) a sharp and thin blade c) tissues d) cotton buds e) a hot tool preferably a hair straightener and f) a clean palette.

I want to start by saying that this is a VERY messy job so do not wear anything nice and make sure you protect the table you are working on.

I thought it would be easier to be honest. I am a confident depotter but I found that Sleek has two ways of assembling their palettes. Some have an insert in between the shadows (like say the old MAC shadow palettes) and on some others the inserts are part of the palette and you cannot pull if apart. So, you we need to take two approaches.

Separate inserts - you can just pull them apart with a very thin blade/ knife but BE CAREFUL with the amount of pressure you use because you can actually smash the shadows. That happened to me but do not panic- just pick up as much as you can and press them again with a bit of the alcohol.
Once you take the insert just drop some alcohol in between the stuck pans and start wiggling the pans. you will notice that the alcohol with release the glue and you will be able to lift the pans.

Inserts as part of the palette - for these you will need to use a hot tool preferably a straightener. Just leave them for a while to get the glue at the bottom of the pans to become soft and then with the help of a very sharp and thin blade just lift them. Be aware that they pans will be very hot so mind your fingers!

Because I have a bit of OCD I then cleaned the backs of the pans removing the glue and making them as clean as possible.

I then had the lovely job of grouping them by colours (my favourite part) and once I was happy I glued them on an empty Make Up For Ever palette I had.

That's it! 

I'm so happy I finally did this because I will now enjoy them even more!



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