Review + Swatches: Magenta Lip Pencil by MAC

Review + Swatches: Magenta Lip Pencil by MAC

On a recent trip to the MAC PRO store in London I found myself leaving with five lip liners! Yes, not one but five.

The reason behind this lip pencil galore is that I, as other many hundres of girls, have a MAC wish list that can go round the world. So there, that was my excuse!

Top of the list was of course the one and only Magenta! This colour is soooo pretty! It's a very strong pink/purple with blue undertones. It's like the lip liner version of Show Orchid actually. I did a post on that lipstick and you can read it here.  

You get 1.4 grams of product which is not bad! This will last me for at least 10 years I'm sure.

This is a wooden pencil so it's super easy to sharpen and it's super light. It's quite long so it's not that practical when travelling but I'm not complaining.

The texture is very soft and it applies very smoothly. I don't feel I need to warm it up or anything. 

I like to use it all over my lip as the only colour (see photos above) but it also looks lovely under a gloss or as a contour to another lipstick.

Do I recommend it? Oh yes! I think my main reason for recommending it is the colour. It's very very unique.

Link to the MAC lip pencils here.

What is your favourite pink liner?



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