My Secret Hair Styling Tools

My Secret Hair Styling Tools

On occasions when I do photoshoots or weddings I'm asked to do hair as well as makeup so I have a good hair kit that keeps on growing like a monster. 

Hair extensions, hair pieces, fake buns, rats (fillers), clips, brushes, styling products and lots of other accessories are all part of my kit.  

However, I wanted to share with you just a few tools that people tend to overlook when doing hair or they don't even know they exist!

Let's start with the list of My Secret Hair Styling Tools.

1-Inexpensive backcombing brush

This brush is such a staple in my kit. I always use it. It's my best friend for when I need to create a tiny bit of volumen but the hair needs to look natural and informal. A few back combs from the back and boom! There you have your textured hair. No fussing with products- this comb will do the job! This brush will normally be around £2.

2-Rat Tail Comb

Every person who is serious about hair will have one of these! It's so useful. I use it to tidy up hair dos, to get all the fine hairs on a pony tail, to do neat end combing and lots more. The end also helps me to manipulate the hair a bit more when the style is done. You can puff a beehive a bit more by sticking the end and using your hand to move hair around. 


Yes, a toothbrush! This is your best friend to tame all the flyaways or baby hairs around the forehead. I tend to apply the spray on the brush and not on the hair. Magic!

4-Hair loops

 These are really old school and people forget about them but I love them. I use them to get the hair look around pony tails and get that super pro look. You can also use them to create a romantic looks and other wacky side dos.

5-Clear Hair Bands

These are a must for photoshoots! They look neat and are very easy to disguise. 

6-Tan Hair Bands

I love to use these on brunettes, blonds and ref haired girls. It's just that extra touch that makes the look so professional.

7-Hair Pins

These are not any hair pin. It's the ones you can hide so easily! They look like a hook and the technique is to apply them and then push the opposite side. Hope that makes sense. These come in different colours and are a must for everyone doing hair.

Hope this was helpful!



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