My Favourite Cream Eyeshadows + Swatches (Drugstore)

My Favourite Cream Eyeshadows + Swatches (Drugstore)

I'm a great fan of cream eyeshadows. They are easy to use and if they are good they stay on all day.

This is a small selection of my drugstore ones which can be found in Boots or Superdrug. 

Maybelline color Tattoo 24hs

I have quite a few of these - Pink gold, On and on bronze and Permanent Taupe.

Pink gold is probably me least favourite just because this colour doesn't suit me too much. I do use it however, as a base for pinky goldy looks.

On and on bronze is probably my favourite! I love this colour and I use it mainly on its own. It's like a cream version of MAC's Satin Taupe. It's a very dynamic bronze and when different light hits it can be brown or grey. Love it.

Permanent Taupe is a very unique colour. It's a grey/purple taupe. You can use it on its own but I tend to use it as a base for smokey eyes. Love it too. 

All in all I find the Maybelline Color Tattoos are a bit of a hit and miss. Some of their colours are great but some others are really bad and patchy. They last a long time on my lids and I get minimal creasing at the end of the day. It's supposed to last 24 hs but I'm afraid I haven't spent 24hs awake since I was at Uni so I'm afraid I cannot vouch for that claim :). 

Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hs

I have one or two more of these but my favourite is 005 Glitz. It's such a pretty colour. It's a mixture of taupe, silver, gold and bronze. It has an amazing shine to it that it looks as if you had tiny glitter even. On the swatches below it's the most shiny and shimmery of them all.

I find the Rimmel Colour Mousses very very easy to wear. They set pretty much instantly but they are still easy to work with. I would say they last a good 4-5 hours without creasing. After that, only minimal creasing happens, at least on me.

Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow

I picked this little pot in Berlin while on holiday. I was attracted to the purple aspect of this shade and I loved the name 070 Mauvie Star. The name implies some mauve tone and indeed it has it. It's a mixture between purple, silver, mauve and it has some glitter.

I find that this cream shadow lasts only about a few hours before creasing if you don't set it. It's still one of my favourites because they colour is so pretty.

KIKO Sun Mousse Eyeshadow

This one has to be my ultimate favourite. I'm obsessed with the colour (02 Violet) which is my favourite shade of purple. It's like an intense version of MAC's Stars n' Rockets with more purple/ blue. Again, this one is also easy to use and it sets VERY quickly but strangely enough it's very easy to blend.

From all these shadows this one is the more water/ smudge resistant. It made it into my category of bullet proof make-up.

N7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse

And lastly, we have this little tube which honestly does not say much from the shelves but oh boy...this colour is SO pretty! Khaki is a perfect mix of antique gold and olive. It's very similar to MAC's Golden Olive pigment. The packaging is not very attractive but the product is not bad!

I only have one of these but it's good. It stays quite well on the lid and there only minimal creasing. 

So, this is my roundup. I rely a lot on cream shadows when I'm in a rush as well as when I want to do complex looks where I use them as bases.

Hope this was helpful



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