My Denman Hair Brushes

My Denman Hair Brushes

When I do hair styling apart from relying on my skills and intuition I rely massively on my tools!

The right tool will help you get that finished look that only pros get and will help you with the timing. Timing is key when doing photoshoots as time is money!

Among the very many tools I have my Denman brushes are among my favorites.

Denman as a brand has been around for decades. The masters of hairstyling probably used Denman Brushes when they were learning. These brushes are famous for their durability and for delivering what they promise. 

Here are three of my favourites:

Denman Small Grooming Brush

This brush is so easy to use and it has a mixture of natural bristles with one single nylon quill. You can see it more in detail in the photos below. I use this brush mainly for brushing out curls. I set the curls and leave them to dry in position and when I take them down they are all formed and very tight. I then grab this brush and I brush the hair against my hand moulding the hair into place. You can see a finished look using this brush here. 
Of course you can also use it to brush your hair and for getting the perfect pony tail, etc. 

Denman Classic Styling Brushes (small and big)

This brush is a heavy duty one. It feels heavy and robust. Not the comb to mess around with. This brush will get rid of all your knots and messed hair in minutes. It's made of nylon pins and the bed of the brush is an unusual round rubber pad that give you perfect control and grip on the hair. 

I have two sizes big and small. I use the big for normal combing and maybe a pony tail and the small one to tease small sections of hair. 

I cannot recommend them enough. I know, they might be a bit more expensive than the regular brush but trust me- they are worth it! They do what they promise and they will last a lifetime. 

You can check their brushes here

Hope this helps.



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