My Favourite Hair Oils

My Favourite Hair Oils

I'm a massive fan of hair oils. 

Every time I have a shower I wait about 20 minutes to get my hair probably 50% dry to start applying my concoction.

At the moment I'm loving L'oreal Extraordinary Oil,  Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum and Moroccan Oil

I find the Extraordinary Oil more like a treatment as if it does more to my hair in the long term. I guess this is because it's basically the oil extracted from 6 super flowers and very few artificial ingredients. I find it nourishing especially on my ends and it makes my hair feel stronger. The smell is like the perfume an Arab Sheik would use. I'm not saying it in a bad derogative way but I mean it's the wrong smell for a hair oil I find. 

To me the Super skinny Serum is more like a styling oil. It's VERY silky to the touch and I asume this is because of the silicone in it. I love the smell which is ever so hard to describe. It's like apple and candy. 

And lastly it's the world known Moroccan Oil. Do I need to go into detail? I think every blogger and their mom reviewed this oil. If you want to know my opinion: I like it and the smell is ok but I find that it's more like a styling oil rather than a treatment. I use it as a finishing touch to a hair do.

I use all these oils mixed together but I tend to use the Extraordinary Oil all over my hair and the Super Skinny Serum and Moroccan Oil on the tips to get them shinny and make my hair look healthier. 



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