Review + Swatches: Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner In Perfect Black and Perfect Purple

Review + Swatches: Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner In Perfect Black and Perfect Purple

I heard about these waterproof eyeliners by Too Faced thanks to Lisa (Lisalisad1). She is royalty on Youtube, at least to me.

She's a stay at home mom from somewhere in the South of USA who has lots of cats and a small dog and who has a PASSION for make-up and anything beauty related. She also has great taste for fashion and every week she does a few OOTDs together with her big Friday's hauls! She loves high end make-up as well as drugstore gems. 

She claimed these eyeliners were the bomb! Super soft and creamy and waterproof. I was intrigued.

I have lots of gel liners that I would describe as bulletproof such as the blackest black by Inglot as well as MAC Fluidlines. I love them but I need to have a bit more time to use them as I need a brush and I need to have a steady hand. So, I was in the hunt for a good pencil liner. I had an awful experience with Avon Super Shock. It's crap and I did a review ages ago. You can read it here. Maybe the Estee Lauder Double Wear is the one I like the most out of all my black liners but still it's not smudge or waterproof.

So, this week I was at a big Boots where they sell Too Faced and I swatched them and waited. I wanted to do the "let's set and smudge" test. After a good 10-15 seconds the swatch was like cement! You just couldn't move it. No transfer, no smudge, no traveling. Nothing. It was there were I applied it. I very happily picked up the black and of course the purple!


Perfect black is soooooooo pigmented! It's as black as my Inlgot gel liner. It's super soft and like butter when you apply it. 

Perfect purple is very pigmented but not as the black on and it has gold sparkles! It's also super soft and like butter when you apply it.

From what I could see in the store they also have other colours: Perfect brown and Perfect peacock and maybe one or two more.


As soon as I got home I did the lid test. I applied it on the upper lash line, lower lash line and on the waterline and went about doing things around my place. I wanted to see how well it lasts. I used Perfect black for this test. 

My first impression was -Wow we do have pigment here even when you apply it on the lid. I used a tiny brush to get right in between the lashes and to do the tight lining. Everything was fine and pigmentes for a good 2 hours but then on my right lid which is slightly more hooded than the left I noticed a shadow of a black line on my lid meaning that there was a bit of transfer. I was a bit disappointed by that! But then I thought that I didn't let it set properly? There was just this little transfer but the rest looked untouched. The liner lasted soo long on the waterline! I was impressed by that.


I think they are fantastic! I love how pigmented the black is and I like the sparkles of the purple!

However, I think if you have hooded eyes you need to let them set a tiny bit more and do not over do it. It's better to add to an already set liner than to pile up a thick layer. Hope that makes sense.

I bought mine from Boots and they were £15 each.



What waterproof eyeliner would you recommend? 

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