Poker Straight Ombre Hair - My way

Poker Straight Ombre Hair - My way

This past weekend I decided to rock poker straight hair! I have the ombre style and when I get it poker straight I can see the different colours even more. Love it. 

I remember when I was a teenager (yes, ages ago) I used to straighten my hair every single day nearly. Definitely for going out and clubbing. I'm not sure why to be honest. I LOVE my wavy hair. I even play with it while still 80% dry to get even stronger waves or even curls. 

However, last Saturday I decided I should recreate those teenage days so I went straight.

I go for the traditional approach of 

1-Sectioning my hair starting from the bottom and keeping the rest on a clip. 

2-Combing the section to straighten very well and I spray some heat protectant. My heat protectant of choice is from Aussie. See photo below.

3-I get the straightener very hot (near maximum temperature) and I do two passes on each section and then I do one big pass on all the section.

4- I put the straight section aside and get a new section and I repeat steps 1-3.

Once I'm done I make sure the back sections are as straight as the front ones so I normally get another mirror at this stage.

When I'm happy with the result I do not comb it as this will create ridiculous frizz (at least on my hair) but instead I get a drop of straightening serum (see photo below) and I heat it up in between my palms and then I apply it to all the hair to make it even glossier and to get rid of any existing frizz. 

I love to keep this style until I need to wash my hair or if I want to keep it longer I use dry shampoo to make it last longer.

I love wearing my hair like this. It makes me feel younger, sexier and very strangely it makes me feel more confident. 

Products used (all from my local Boots)

My hair straighteners are from Babyliss. I love these and they never fail me! They get hot super quick and I love the feel of them. Link

The two styling products are Dual Personality Heat Protenction + Spray by Aussie (similar product link) and Umberto Giannini's Sleek and Chic Seriously Straight Gloss Serum. 



What hair style makes you feel this way?

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