MAC Guilty Passions - Review + Photos + Lip Swatches

MAC Guilty Passions - Review + Photos + Lip Swatches

On a recent trip to the MAC counter I could't help myself and I checked their Xmas collections. There are a lot of things on offer this year! It seems like too much to me.

I picked up two of the pretty boxes. One is a set of 4 pigments (purple tones of course) and for a very strange reason I went for a lip gloss set.

I think I was attracted to the dark colours in this set as I don't think I have anything like this in my collection.

Let's get started with my thoughts.

Demure Dazzleglass Creme - This one looks very pretty. It's a baby pink with lots of blue sparkles. However, when you apply it it's nearly invisible. You cannot really see the pink and the blue sparkles look like transparent sparkles. Maybe this one looks a bit more interesting under artificial light.

Boys go crazy Dazzleglass - This one really caught my eye! I had nothing like this. It has a dark purple/ burgundy base with lots of silver/ blue and purple sparkles. I'm not sure I like this one when it's on the lips to be honest. You can see below a photo of me wearing it and you can see that I can either look goth or super glam. Maybe this one will look really nice over a burgundy lipstick? I'm still working on it.

Going Casual Cremesheen Glass - This one is a pale pink that covers quite well. I like the coverage and the look of it on the lips. It's super natural and as the name says it's very casual. I like it!

Colour Saturation Cremesheen Glass - This one is the one that disappointed me the most. The name is colour saturation but there is no saturation going on here. It's quite sheer and it looks more like a stain rather than a gloss.

This set is currently £25.50 in store and online. Link.



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