Armani Eyes To Kill In Shade 20

Armani Eyes To Kill In Shade 20

This eyeshadow is one of my favourite night time colours. It's quite strong in pigmentation and definitely a no go area for the "nude" lovers.

Shade 20 is the typical peacock colour. You definitely get greens, blues and blacks together with interesting combination of the three. However, think of this eyeshadow as a black with peacock accents. Black is definitely the main colour and the rest are seen through the black but ut it seems that with mine I see more blue than green.

The finish is slightly shimmery with some sparkles so it's ideal for party time! Watch out for any fallout with this one.

Armani's Eyes To Kill are a perfect cross between powder, cream and mouse shadows so they are so easy to use and blend.

I love it and I think it's a great investment. They are more than £20 so you need to really like them. I got mine at the Duty Free for £18! I know, it was a total bargain :).



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