Louise Young Brushes LY38A and LY38B

Louise Young Brushes LY38A and LY38B

I've always been curious about Louise Young brushes. Everyone that had them claimed they were the best- excellent quality and super soft hair.

So, when I spotted them in Selfridges I had to try them. These two (LY38A and LY38B) were my main drive as I have very small eyes and when I do crease work I need a small brush to add definition.

They both feel luxurious and professional. The handle is very long which may be a pain for when travelling but the main point is the actual brush part itself. The hairs are so soft and very nicely shaped like a mini dome. 

LY38A is a bit thicker and bigger than LY38B. I love them both and I find them so helpful for when adding some definition on the crease or for when I blend a cut crease. 

I have washed them both and not a single hair came off! 

For some comparison purposes I took some photos of them next to my MAC 226. The MAC brush is the most similar brush I have and something you guys can relate to more easily for the sake of the comparison.

You will see that the MAC brush is thicker and bigger than these two. 

I absolutely love these brushes so much that I might even get some more of the same. 

For me product application takes 50% credit for a look and with these brushes every crease work looks flawless and neat. 

LY38A ia currently £16 and LY38B is £15. You can get it from Louise Young directly here.



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