Rich Ground Fluidline Gel Eyeliner by MAC

Rich Ground Fluidline Gel Eyeliner by MAC

I know that when it comes to gel liners people are either on the Bobbi Brown gel liner team or on the MAC gel liner team. If you ask me I'm on the MAC team. I have two of the Bobbi Brown gel liners and yes they are nice but I find the MAC Fluidlines glide better and last longer!

This Fluidline was a Duty Free purchase some time ago. I always love a bit of browny/ coppery tone for my everyday look. It's a more relaxed look than a strong black and it makes me feel pretty for some reason.

Rich Ground is a winner for me. It's a very rusty copper with some tiny hint of gold. I love it for this time of the year when we are transitioning onto Autumn. You can see close ups on the swatch photos below.

I love Fluidlines because they stay where I applied them. They are smudge proof and the colour stays exactly the same all day long. The colour does not fade at all.

If you are wondering yes, I do apply Fluidlines on the water line and I never ever had any problems. I find that MAC gel lines are softer and creamier than any other gel liner and I use a tiny liner brush to apply them. I take a bit and put it on my hand and then I close the pot as they are quite notorious for drying before you actually hit pan :(

I cannot recommend Fluidlines enough. You will definitely get what it claims to do- long lasting and smudge proof look!



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