Miss Sporty Lipstick 207 Extreme Black - Photos + Swatches

Miss Sporty Lipstick 207 Extreme Black - Photos + Swatches

Tomorrow is Halloween! 

I get so exited because it's the perfect excuse to create crazy make-up looks and be able to walk down the road with no problem! 

I'm going to rock a crazy look which is like a very pretty ghost. think super white face, almond shape eyes with black liner and extreme red lipstick. See the inspiration photo below!

Back to the make-up talk. While looking some time ago at some affordable lipsticks in the drugstore I found a decent black lipstick!

It's by Miss Sporty and I found it in Superdrug.

It's super affordable and easy to wear. The pigmentation is not great but it will give you that extra touch to finish off your Halloween look.

The packaging is very basic and not very sophisticated but we all know that packaging is not all. At least that's what we should think in theory.

See the swatch below.



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