Illamasqua Under Eye Concealers- Swatches + Review

Illamasqua Under Eye Concealers- Swatches + Review

Some time ago I went crazy and I did some shopping online at the Illamasqua online shop.

I bought a huge bunch of things. They were on sale and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try lots of their cult products.

Among the loads of things I bought I order two Under-Eye Concealers in shades UC 200 and UC 320 as I wanted to get a Summer and a Winter colourand then mix them the rest of the year. I always do that. 

I don't understand the Illamasqua colour code but I can tell these are more yellow toned than pink or peach. But surprisingly enough these work ok on my minor dark under eye patches but if you have very dark circles then the UC colour range might not be good for you as it will look too ashy.

I have to be honest with you and admit that I don't like this product that much.
It's a very strange consistency. It's very oily but at the same time thick and hard to blend.

Let's start with the application. I tried everything and I find my fingers are the best as it helps me with the application and blending at the same time. I need the warmth of my fingers to move the product.

The consistency is very strange.
It's a bang in the middle of studio Sculpt by MAC and Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer. You will see on the swatches that it's very oily and thick at the same time. As it has so much oil it tends to separate and then when you try to blend it you are only left with an oily suface and the colour is not there any more.

I love the Bobbi Brown concealer because it's very easy to blend. Well, these Illamasqua ones are not. They can cake up very easily and I find they never set! Even if I powder- they start moving within hours and they end up in my small wrinkles around my eyes. Not a very sexy look.

I really had high hopes for this one but I'm afraid I will not be repurchasing these again and I would not recommend them.

I will of course use them but it will be a case of lets use them up quickly for everyday looks but I will not use them when I need to look flawless.

Hope this helps!



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