Cyber Lilac- Pure Color Eyeshadow By Estee Lauder

Cyber Lilac- Pure Color Eyeshadow By Estee Lauder

Cyber Lilac is probably my favourite from the Estee Lauder Pure Color eyeshadows.

The colour is very unique. It's a metallic deep purple with blue and silver undertones and it has tiny silver particles. It really help my brown/ hazel eye colour stand out and it would look incredible on someone with green or blue eyes. 

The texture is super soft- like butter. It blends really nicely on it's own or mixed with other products. It's long lasting too even on my lash line.

I have the impression this colour is on the permanent collection so no rush to go and get it.

I strongly recommend this eyeshadow if you are looking for an interesting and trend setting colour. Apparently purple will be THE winter colour so this one is just the perfect option!

Once more Estee Lauder never disappoints with their eyeshadows. They are fabulous. 



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