Kryolan Eyeshadow Trio - Review + Swatches

Kryolan Eyeshadow Trio - Review + Swatches

I'm a huge fan of theatre make-up! I think my dream job would be to work in a theatre of film production.

But at the moment I'm doing a lot of fashion and music make-up jobs as well as weddings and editorials. Maybe one day...

So, whenever I get my hands on some Kryolan make-up I always feel I'm a bit closer to my dream. At least that's the feeling.

Kryolan is a cult brand that has it's origins in the great Berlin theatre of the 20's and 30's. It specialises on theatre make-up but recently they have expanded their niche to add fashion and beauty. They also have their own lab and they create every single product they sell. They never discontinue products and you can order colours that were used in operas from 20 years ago! 

To be honest I think EVERY make-up artist regardless of their niche will always carry some Kryolan in their kit. It's a FACT! 

They are also linked to Illamasqua in a way I'm not sure I understand fully. But I think they are something like sister companies.

On a recent visit to Berlin I went to their flagship store. It was like going to Mecca. Everything was so nicely displayed and the girls there were super nice and very friendly. Needless to say they were very knowledgeable too. I think I swatched the entire shop and I spent a small fortune.

This is the first thing I'll show you because I love it!

These eyeshadows are sold separately in their pots or they can be put in palettes like this one.

I cannot really tell you the colours. I tried to pop them out but I can see the eyeshadows are breaking and I don't want to damage them.

The first colour is a true purple. It reminds me to MUFE 92 (which I also have). They are very similar. This one is matte in finish. As all matte colours it can look a bit chalky but this one blends beautifully. I love it.

The second colour is a duo chrome that flashes pink, blue and purple. It's similar to Stars N' Rockets by MAC but this one is more purple. It's less pigmented than the other two but it's supposed to be like a light highlight. 

The third colour is my favourite. It's such a unique colour. It's a super rich red brick colour with a strong red shimmer. This eyeshadow is like butter. It blends SO nicely. 

You can see the three swatched below. 

Kryolan's eyeshadows are very good and they are not expensive! Great for your personal make-up bag or for your kit. The only thing I should say is that they do smell of talc. It's strong on the pan but you do not get that smell on your eye.

I love using them all together: the light purple on 2/3 of the lid, the deep purple on the outer corner and crease and then a pop of colour with the red on the centre of the lid.

Have a look at the swatches below.



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