DIY- Lip Gloss Holder Using Magazine Clippings

DIY- Lip Gloss Holder Using Magazine Clippings

For me a horrible rainy day means crafting! I absolutely love crafting and DIY things, especially when it involves magazine clippings, glue and glitter!

I was sorting my papers to be recycled and I couldn't just put Stylist Magazine in the recycling bin without flicking through the pages to see if I can save some image for my real (as opposed to Pinterest) "inspiration" folder. 

I saw the "Make your Mark" article and bannnggg! I thought of a lip gloss holder!

It's super easy to make and it looks super pretty and unique.

What you need:

-A lovely magazine article (mine has all lip stick marks all over the place)

-A cardboard box


-Glue stick

-Mod Podge (to seal your work)

-Glitter or other decoration bits you fancy

Here are the super simple steps:

1- Tidy up the cardboard box if you need to. I made mine a bit shorter.

2- Cut your design a bit more than you need. I folded part of the article on the inside of the box for a neater look.

3- Apply glue all over the paper design. If you are using liquid glue make sure you use the paper one otherwise your design will wrinkle and will not look nice.

4- Stick the design covering all the box and fold it where necessary. Make sure you have clean edges and try to be as neat as possible.

5- Once you are happy with the design apply Mod podge all over. I used a cosmetic latex sponge and I applied only one coat.

6- When the Mod podge was tacky I added some transparent glitter. It will give it a special touch that is only noticeable when the light hits it. 

You are done!!!



PS: I added a bit of bubble warp inside to give more hight to the lip glosses.

You like?

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