KIKO Water Eyeshadow In Shade 225

KIKO Water Eyeshadow In Shade 225

The only word I can utter to describe this colour is WOW! Did you see the main photo? It's mesmerising.

This is another of the KIKO Water Eyeshadows I picked up while in Berlin. 

The colour is what instantly attracted me to this shadow. It's such an intense blue and turquoise with a very pretty purple undertone. Very unique actually.

I would use it on it's own with killer lashes or I would use it for a smoky eye mixed with lots of other colours and blacks. 

It's super soft, consistent and it blends like a dream. You can use it dry or for even more intensity you can use them wet as KIKO suggests.

You get a lot of product here with a pan full of 5,5 gram of eyeshadow. 

I love it! :)

You can get it online for £8.90 here



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