KIKO Water Eyeshadow In Shade 222

KIKO Water Eyeshadow In Shade 222

Let's get started with the KIKO Water Eyeshadows review series by looking first at shade 222.

First off, I love the eyeshadow shape! It's such a unique embossing although it kind of reminds me of the eyeshadows that came out no long ago with the "In Extra Dimension" collection by MAC. See my photos here

Moving onto the details, I  think this is such a pretty colour.
I wouldn't say it's the easiest colour to wear (we have to be honest) but that doesn't mean you cannot use it on a regular basis. I think this kind of purple/pink shade really helps my eye colour show up a bit more. It brings all the yellow undertones of my brown/hazel eyes to light and I like that! It will also look fab on green or blue eyes. 

I would describe the colour as a blue purple with strong hints of pink. It reminds me of Stars N' Rockets eyeshadow by MAC but I like this one better because it has more of a blue tone. I find Stars N' Rockets more pink thank purple or blue under certain lights.

It's a duo chrome eyeshadow let's say. I think that's the best way to describe it. I would pair it with nearly anything but mainly with purples, blues or even chocolate browns. It all depends on how you blend them together.

The texture is super soft and it's very easy to blend with minimal effort. 

As I said on the preview, KIKO is very generous and they give you 5,5 grams of product which is nearly like a MAC blush which is 6 grams!

I love using it and playing around to find which other eyeshadows I can pair it with.

I remember it was quite inexpensive like 4 Euros in Berlin but you can get them here in the UK for £8.90 online or in stores. Link.



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