NOTD- P2 Artful

NOTD- P2 Artful

Hi ladies,

Yesterday, I spent nearly all day with my friend Ines. She came home and we were both working on our laptops.
It worked all fine for a good 3 hours but then as predicted we started on the girly talk and inevitably we ended up doing our nails. 

I polished mine and filed them. I didn't apply any nail polish as I'm having a day or two off from having them painted.
However, we picked up a super bright green for Ines. It's a polished I picked up while in Berlin. It's like a green with a dash of turquoise. It's very pretty!

 It's called 620 Artful by a drugstore brand called P2.

We were very impressed! One coat was enough but we wanted a strong effect so we went for two. And to finish it off I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. I adore this stuff! It dries the polish in like 30 seconds and it leaves a glossy finish that looks so pro.



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