MUA Lipstick Shade 1 - Photos + Swatches

Hi ladies,

Happy Thursday! Just one day to go and we are on the weekend. Yey!

I think a lot of you will love this lipstick. It's so easy to wear and anyone will be able to use it very comfortably. Even the not very adventurous with make-up. 

It's a MUA Lipstick in Shade 1


Very simple and practical with the colour representation at the bottom. The representation is actually quite a good match I have to say.

It's a very sheer rosy red. I think a lot might be intimidated by the colour of the bullet. But you need to judge this one by the swatch instead. It could be like the colour of your lips but better. It could even look like a tint depending on your lip pigmentation.

It's like a super soft sheer/ satin finish. VERY wearable and for the day as well as night.

The scent is not that great but it's not bad either. 
Also I would say this is a really good lipstick! It's hard to come by a really good and effective sheer lipstick.

£1 - yes ONE pound! Cheaper than a bus ride. 



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  1. Nic Nac Noo

    Nic Nac Noo on 09/21/2012 5:25 p.m. #

    Need to get my hands on some of this stuff! I literally cant get over the price :) <br /><br />Would love if you could call over to my blog and follow if you like. :)<br /><br />Im also running a giveaway to celebrate hitting 50 followers :)<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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