No7 Stay Perfect Foundation - Before & After

Hi ladies,

If you are a beauty junkie like me you will probably be exited and I'm sure you will have high hopes for the new revolutionary technology that N7 developed and released recently called Match Made Service.

They came up with this gadget that takes 100s of photos of your bare skin to then match your colour with one of their foundations. They have foundations for oily, mature and normal skin as well as other million ones and they have different finished and textures such as matte, natural, radiance, lift and luminate, etc. You can spend an entire afternoon swatching and testing them!

But I'm afraid it wasn't all rosy for me. The colour match basically did not match me at all!
They took a sample of my cheeks (both sides) and they matched me to one of the colours in the pinky Ivory family. Me, Ivory? No way. I did however test it and took a tiny bit and put it on my face and it was a definite NO!

So, as usual I had to go with my instincts and I matched me with Warm Beige. I believe it's a good match for this time of the year for me. The lady also checked with the gadget and she confirmed that it was one of he tones up according to my match.

So, disappointment aside I wanted to try and feel this foundation.

Ready for the real me? Ta dah...


Yes! This is me and my raw beauty!
I have normal to combination skin but sometimes I get dry patches. Lovely.

Also, (I'm sure you noticed) and have mayor hyperpigmentation issues mainly on my forehead and a bit around my eyes. This was ALL caused by sun damage. Horrible.

I'm getting it treated at Sk:n Clinic and I have high hopes for the treatment. I have 5 sessions to go and lots of treatment cream to apply yet. I should do a post on this!

I also notice that with my camera shows more imperfections than in real life.
It's so unforgiving and I'm sure the human eye can't see a lot of the tiny details.


So, I applied some of the foundation now with my hands as I normally do with new foundations to get a good feel.

You will notice that I look a tiny bit grey or ashy. I find that this foundation mixes better with your skin tone if you give it a few minutes. You will see also on the last photos that it's a good colour match.

I would say it has a medium coverage, especially if you apply it with your hands. Of course it does not cover my hyperpigmentation on my forehead but it does a fairly good job nearly everywhere else.
The finish is very natural. It's similar to my skin.

It also has a nice pleasant scent that reminds me of moisturisers.

So, do I like the N7 Stay Perfect Foundation? 
Yes, I do

It's not my favourite if honest and I'm not sure I would repurchase it.
I have way too many foundations and I can think of better options than this one. However, I would totally recommend you go and try it and get the feel. It is a nice foundation!

The extras

 So, as I was getting ready for the day I might as well show you the FOTD :).

Let's start with the hair. Last night I had a go at rag curls. It consists of getting your hair around "rags". You end up with your hair in strips of rags that look like all bows around your hair. I used a clean old T-shirt which I cut into strips. It was fun and comfortable to sleep on.

The result is a bouncy 40's or even 50's wave if you brush it all out like me. I love the result but I had to do a lot of combing after I took the photo to get rid of the freeze. Also a bit of pomade was super helpful!

And I applied some minimal make-up (as I'm working from home today).
You can see now how the foundation set and it looks ok.

I hope this was helpful if you are considering purchasing this foundation.



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    Nora on 09/19/2012 6:48 p.m. #

    great result.<br />x<br />

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