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So, while in Berlin I took advantage of the less crowded MAC stores and I swatched the entire Pro Sculpting Cream range. The actual limited edition collection is called Face and body

In this collection they offer smaller bottles of Face and Body foundations, pressed pigments (which I didn't like at all as they were pure chunky glitter), some gimmicky brushes and a selection of 6 sculpting creams. I only picked up 4 of the creams. 

I left behind the palest and the darkest. The pale one was like white almost and the darkest was a strange dark and I have similar shades on my Bobbi Brown palette. 

In light to dark order:

Naturally Defined
I would say it's more on the pink side but it has a tiny bit of yellow too but not too much.

Pure Sculpture
It's a light brown with a neutral tone.  But looking at it in natural light I cannot say it has more pink or more yellow. But it definitely has more red undertones than say grey.

Coffee Walnut
This colour intrigued me the most! 
It's a medium tone brown with some grey undertones.
This one is probably the best one for shading and contouring.

Copper Beech
This one is a very warm brown with clear red undertones.


Natural light
L-R: Naturally Defined, Pure Sculpture, coffee Walnut and Copper Beech 

With soft flash

L-R: Naturally Defined, Pure Sculpture, coffee Walnut and Copper Beech 

All in all these 4 creams are quite consistent in terms of feel and texture. Maybe Naturally Defined (the palest of this lot) is the most streaky one but the other three are very creamy.

Don't like:

As for the shading and sculpting properties. I'm not entirely sure if totally honest. When I think of shading and creating contour = dimensions I think grey undertones rather than red and most of these have clear red undertones. 

I haven't had the chance yet to test these on all skin tones but I don't see Pure Sculpture creating much for a dimension. It's too pink!


I love the fact that they are so blendable and you don't get hard lines. The blending requires very little effort.

I also like that they are the size of the blushes so I can fit them on a blush palette! But be careful- these are creams so if you apply the heat method for depotting it will be messy and it will all melt if you heat it too much!

To take into account:

They are quite oily and they will look quite sheer when you bled it. They are not matte so if you are after a non shiny look then be prepared to powder.

Hope this was helpful!




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