Miss Sporty Lipstick 121 Big love - Photos + Swatches

Hi ladies,

Hope you are having a nice start of the week! 

We are getting in a very Autumnal feel so I thought this lipstick could be a good option for that transition looks.

This is a very affordable lipstick by Miss Sporty and the colour is 121 Big Love.


It feels quite cheap if honest and it's very basic. However, we all learnt (I hope) by now that packaging is not all and that we should pay attention to the product instead. 

This one deceives you a bit. You think that by looking at the bullet that it's a deep rose/brown colour and that it will be very pigmented. Well, it's not. It's actually quite sheer. The base is that rose/brown colour but it has a nice (80's retro) pearl shimmer to it too. It might not be for very pale ladies but it will be a must for darker sink tones. 

It's a mixture really. It's a bit satin with some shimmer. No glitter though. 

I like the smell. Kind of like cucumber. 

£2.59. Link



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  1. Nina

    Nina on 09/29/2012 6:44 p.m. #

    This colour is amazing!

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