RUBY WOO BY MAC - Photos + Lip Swatches

Hi ladies,

I've always been obsessed with red lipstick. I love them.
I can't get enough of them.

I know that because of my olive / Latin American skin tone orange reds suit me best but I still manage to rock the blue toned reds too. 

So, I decided recently that my red lipstick collection had to grow and I decided to get a few of the MAC red staples! Why not? I know they will receive a lot of love.

The first one on the list was without a doubt Ruby Woo. 

Ruby Woo is the ultimate red lipstick. It's the one I instantly associate with vintage looks. 
You say 1940s and I have Ruby Woo in my mind. 

It's on the blue red family. It will definitely help your teeth look whiter.
The pigmentation on the bullet is quite intense and that is what you get when you apply it. Intensity!

It's a matte lipstick so make sure you prep your lips first otherwise it will catch on any dry bits on your lips. Also, it can be drying. 


When you use Ruby Woo you can definitely remember that you are using lipstick. It's a bit heavy feeling but it makes me feel sexy and done up especially knowing that I'm using a red lipstick!

I cannot recommend this colour enough.

If you are looking for a good, pigmented, stylish, retro, long lasting and sexy then look no further. This is the lipstick for you.



What is your favourite MAC red lipstick?

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