Chanel Illusion D' Ombre 88 Abstraction - Photos + Swatches

Hi ladies,

When I bought the Chanel Illusion D' Ombre in 89 Vision- the gold one - (photos and swatches here) I could not resist this one either. It's the pinky/goldy one called 88 Abstraction

It's the same packaging as all the other ones in this line and it has the same texture and consistency.
It's a mixture between a mousse, cream and as I say souffle :)


My photos fail to show you the complete dimension of this colour. It's very pretty. It's a pink but it has some kind of gold undertone and definitely some tiny gold sparkles.

It's not an easy one for me to use as anything pink will make me look as if I have the flu or something. I need to pair it with a warm colour on the crease and definitely something on the waterline. It's very hard to explain but this colour needs a bit more effort for me.

I love how it looks like a wash of colour just on the lid on other people. But unlike all the other Illusion D' Ombre I have this one is not one to be used on it's own. At least for me.

I also found that it was a bit harder to pick up with a brush. Trying with my fingers did nothing! So I find that a small brush does a better job. 

This colour is also less pigmented than the other ones I have so the swatch that you see there is quite a heavy one. I probably swatched the brush two or three times to get that density of colour. Just so that you know. 

I do not regret buying it at all but I do think you should be aware of all these things and make an informed decision if you want to splash £23!

This colour has been released recently but it will be part of the regular collection. 

I hope it was a useful review :)



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