Chanel Illusion D' Ombre 89 Vision - Photos + Swatches

Hi ladies,

This eyeshadow is one of those that I can look at for hours. It's just mesmerizing! 
It looks like a small pot of gold with sparkles that I can take with me wherever I want and that will always make me happy and will make me look special. 

This is the Illusion D' Ombre by Chanel in the colour 89 Vision. It was released not long ago but it will be part of the regular collection so no need to panic buy. 

The eyeshadow comes in the typical glass pot as all the other Illusion D' Ombre e/ss. There always something special about the Chanel logo. It makes me feel lush.


It is basically a shot of gold! You can pack it and get more colour or you can just dab it and get just a glitter effect. 

The consistency is like a hybrid between a cream and a powder. They are not the easiest shadows to work with. Some days I find it easier to apply with my fingers but most of the times a small brush does a better job at picking it up and at distributing it on the lid.

You can see a FOTD of me wearing it here

These eyeshadows are not cheap at £23 each! However, they are super pretty and will definitely make you feel special and make you happy while you wear them. At least they have that effect on me :)



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