Hello ladies,

I decided I will swatch all my lipsticks as I have quite a few. I think it will be very beneficial for people doing a bit of research before purchasing. 

I will not swatch them on my lips as lipsticks really change their intensity depending on your lip pigmentation. It will be very deceiving and it might not give you the real colour if I do. 

I have a lot of high end lipsticks which I use for my personal use and I recently bought some more affordable ones for my MUA kit. The fact that they are cheaper does not mean they are not good! No way.

So I decided to select my favourite ones and colours that I'm sure you will like and I will swatch them all and show them to you.

These lipsticks are all under £4!!

Stay tuned and I will start from tomorrow :)



Do you search for swatches of lipsticks before buying? 

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