Two Pretty Glittery Nail Polishes

Hi ladies,

Looking at my nail polish collection I realised that I never showed you these two! How come?

I normally buy China Glaze from Ebay and every time I get them I want more.
The quality is very good and they apply very easily. The bottle is very big so these will last me for eva!

These two were from a glittery collection which I cannot remember the name of at this precise moment.
The purple one is called Marry a Millionaire and the gold one is called Blonde Bombshell.

Marry a Millionaire is a clear polish with purple glitter and tiny duo-chrome strips that go from gold to green.

Blonde Bombshell is also a clear polish with different size gold glitter with also tiny strips that turn gold to a more bonzy colour.

I photos above show you one of them off focus on purpose so that you see the exact glitter effect.

They are super pretty. You can use them to give an accent to a ring nail or you can go crazy and paint all the nails.

You get 1ml less than with OPI- 14ml. However this is a big bottle and I can see these drying before I can even think of using them all.

I know that China Glaze is not easily accessible in the UK but if you manage to get hold of them you will enjoy them!

I did a NOTD some time ago with Chinchilly by Essie and Marry a Millionaire on top. Have a look here.

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