Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter

Hi ladies,

Another post another cheek product!
Ohh yes. You know me.

I spotted this product in some YT videos. Some bloggers were sent some samples and of course they were showing them and swatching them and the entire line looks lovely but this product really had my name on it!

It's the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter. I believe it's a Summer 2012 limited edition.

It's a highlighter for me but it could be a blush for very fair skin.

The packaging is a metallic pink/gold-very girly, very summery, very feminine. I didn't expect any less from Elizabeth Arden.

And the outside packaging should give you an indication of what to find inside. It's a very fine and soft pink/gold compact powder. The gold is only visible when the light hits you and if you look at your cheeks from the front you are just left with a very soft pink. It's all very soft .

I probably say this on all my cheek product posts but seriously this one is number one now in terms of prettiness! The colour is just so flattering. It's my number one obsession at the moment.

I am seriously considering getting another one of these considering it's a LE. This is how much I like it.

I got it from FeelUnique and it was about £20.



Have you tried anything from this capsule collection?

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  1. LoubouLush

    LoubouLush on 07/30/2012 5:26 p.m. #

    I haven't tried anything from the collection but this looks lovely. I'm looking for the perfect pink blush and that looks like a goody x

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