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Hi ladies,

Fashionista is a great drugstore brand that delivers on quality, colour pay off and price!

I was recently in Superdrug and I couldn't resist these two super gorgeous eyeshadows.

If you haven't tried their eyeshadows you will be in for an addiction. They are one of the most softest eyeshadows I've ever tried. Similar to Nars' e/s texture. They are like butter! The blend like a dream and they have very little fall out.

I picked two this time to add to my palette: Foxy Shade 41 and Auburn Glow Shade 40.

Auburn Glow Shade 40

This one just said "pick me, pick me NOW". Let's see how I can describe it. It's like Autumn fire mixed with Summer gold. It would make the best Autumn look or it will help you bring your inner beach goddess out. An all rounder that it's just too pretty to leave behind.
It could be a good one for a Coppering (by MAC) dupe?
You need to check this shade out!

Foxy Shade 41
This shade can be an understatement. You can see it as a plain brown and think I have 100s of browns this one looks just like one I have. But don't be fooled. This colour is such a rich and complex colour that will turn your look into something special!
It's a mushroom brown mixed with a pretty pewter colour. Trust me- it is unique!


I'm enjoying these two very much. I use the brown one on the crease quite a lot to make some looks more interesting without looking too much and I'm using the coppery one as highlight on my tear duct and all over the lid.

Fashionista is a drugstore brand available in the UK from Superdrug and it's rather inexpensive. The designed a palette that you can pop the e/s in an out. A bit like Bobbi Brown really so it's great to have something practical, pretty and reliable at affordable prices!  



What's in your Fashionista palette?

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  1. Savannah

    Savannah on 07/17/2012 5:25 p.m. #

    Love the Foxy shade! Wish these were available in the US! Gorgeous.<br />xxx<br /><br />

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