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Hi ladies,

It's football football football in my household at the moment! How boring, right?. 
So while the hubby was watching the telly yesterday I went to my beloved make-up corner and I let my imagination flow. 

I have seen Bethany do a tutorial on how to comic yourself and I wanted to re-created. This was my first ever attempt at it and I'm quite happy ;)

You have to be very careful with your detail work. I didn't have a steady hand. My arms were a bit shaky from moving so many boxes and sorting stuff for a (hopefully) future move. We are de-cluttering! So stressful.  Anyhoo I'm very critical of my work and even though I'm happy with it I would have done some things different. Maybe it's a perfect excuse for a second chance.

 My beloved dressing table looked like a mess! But I do enjoy the entire process- even the cleaning. A glass of vino made it all much easier and relaxed. Who won at the football? don't know- who cares!?England is playing today so I might do another (more wearable) look.

What do you think?



Ps: You can see Bethany's channel - here

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  1. Luciana Make Up

    Luciana Make Up on 06/24/2012 4:25 p.m. #

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