Pretty Things I've Enjoyed This Week

Hi ladies,

This week I decided that each day I would use or wear something pretty. This is what I chose.

Chain collar necklace (TopShop)
I obsess with this new trend of fake collars. I have quite a few. I saw a girl who works at H&M wearing this one and I had to ask her where she got it from. She did and off I went running to TopShop to get it.  I can't remember exactly how much it was but I have a feeling it was around £15 or less.
She was actually wearing under a normal shirt with a pointy collar and the look was super interesting.
Love it.

More photos just because this item deserves it. It's just simple. All rows of chains into the shape of a collar. Clever.
Freebies! (Cosmopolitan Magazine)
Cosmopolitan Magazine did it again. More Benefit products at £2.
Porefessional, Bad gal lash mascara and That gal illuminator.
I love these for travelling! The products are ok. I had none of them so it's a good way of trying them out. Not impressed with That gal and Bad gal lash but Porefessional is worth the try. Not sure about getting the big tube though.

Soleil Tan De Chanel (Chanel)
I absolutely love this bronzer. I used to keep it for special occasions (silly things you do). I always feel luxurious when I use it. Maybe it's due to a mixture of the rose smell and the fact that I paid nearly £30 for it. The colour is perfect for me and I use to for bronzing and a tiny contour.
I use it with my probably most expensive brush 138 by MAC (another reason for feeling the luxury).
 The only negative is that this cream bronzer seems to catch every single lose hair from my brushes! :(

Jumbo liner 12hr (Sephora)
I got these in Paris. They are the most waterproof and crease resistant crayons I have ever used. I got 3 actually. The other one is like Naked Lunch e/s by MAC. So pretty.
I wish I got more. They are a brilliant product and if you are near a Sephora go and get some!
These two are 14 violet which is a blue purple and 09 kaki which is a green/old gold.
These are fab as bases or on their own.
 Rose Jardin Delice (L'Occitane)
I bought this fragrance when in France (as you do). Love it. It's super delicate and very accurate rose smell. It's not granny rose it's young and professional, sexy, confident and I know what I'm doing woman :P
Joke aside- I like it.

More funky jewelry (TopShop)
This one brings a few smiles on other people. It's a golden moustache!
It's for my more casual days. Not very office suitable I think.

Guipure blush (Sleek Blush by 3 palette)
I got this palette a few months ago and I had to force myself not to use it every day. I'm talking about the middle one. It's very similar to Style by MAC in finish not when you see it on the pan but it's a bit more gold. I absolutely love it.
On occasions I dip the brush on the side colours and mix them with the middle one. I need a back up.

Mineral Powder (Laura Mercier)
I bought this foundation probably a year ago. At the time it didn't really do anything for me. I wasn't impressed. But I picked it up again as I really need to use what I have and I decided I would use it as kind of a finishing touch. I do my (liquid) foundation as usual and I use this powder as like a setting/finishing powder. It has a lovely satin finish and it helps with that little extra coverage (but not much) that you need on some places. What I love a bout it is that it's super finely milled so it's near invisible on the face.

I really enjoyed writing this post. Let me know if you would like to see more. :)



What have you been using or wearing this week?

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  1. m i s s a r c h

    m i s s a r c h on 06/10/2012 1:37 a.m. #

    have you tried using chanel bronzer with a synthetic brush? it never leaves any hair on the product :) i have been into colour necklaces for a long time, yours is beautiful, how did i miss that one :) and one last thing is, i picked up guerlain's emilio pucci collection last weekend, and i know that you will love the bronzing blush!

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