A Different Kind Of Beauty- Nature

Hi ladies,

I'm so enjoying the long weekend so far.
Had a long breakfast in bed all relaxed and with lots of cuddles from the hubby and Willow.

After breakfast I decided to practise for a BBC photography project I'm planning of doing. It's not super sunny but it's the perfect light for what I wanted to do.

I went into my garden to take photos of some of my plants. To me make-up relates so much to nature. I always pay attention to how nature combines colours and then I create a look using the same. This is not a  new thing/trend. A lo of artists look at nature to get inspired, especially for colour combination.

Do not be surprised, a lot of my flowers are purple ;)

I always find that the majority of the purple flowers have either orange or super strong yellow centres.
I absolutely love to combine these two colours but of course it's not for an every day/ office look.

If you read about flower colour combination it all has to do with pollination and how nature makes the flowers more interesting and eye catching (even though a lot of insects are colour blind) to allow a better pollination rate. Very very interesting!

I'm not posting the best ones as they will be going for this project I'm taking part in but if they don't get through I'll defo share them.

If you are wondering- I'm using a Canon 600D with a 100mm lens (for macro).

I will soon be posting about some AMAZING shoes I treated myself to yesterday!! Stay tuned.

I'm off to a house party now. Enjoy!



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  1. Charli

    Charli on 06/02/2012 9:56 p.m. #

    These are beautiful!! x

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