Rocking The Perfect Ballerina Bun

Hi ladies,

Whenever I'm having a lazy hair day I roll it up in a bun. It's easy, still "structured" and neat.

For a long time I was doing it with my own hair. Having ombre hair makes it even more interesting in my opinion with different hair tones going around it. 

But lately I reverted to me beloved Ebay in search of "the perfect" ballerina bun. 
And I found it! And for JUST £1.49!!!!!
And it's exactly my hair colour which is sooo hard to match. 

It's so easy to use!
Ir like a little net where you put your hair and you secure it with two clips and like a fastening elastic that you can then hide inside. 
The quality of the (artificial) hair is quite good and the clips are very good too! 

I'm Happy.

Link to the seller here



What are your hair secrets? 

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  1. jollybeachang

    jollybeachang on 04/23/2012 11:20 p.m. #

    looks so pretty and simple

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