My concealer combo ATM

Hello ladies,

Yes, yet again me trying new things. This is what life is about, right?

I have probably about 15 concealers in my foundation/concealer drawer. Not that I'm not happy with them in fact some are in my top 5 (including links to my reviews) such as the Collection 2000 one, the Laura Mercier Secret concealer, MAC Studio Scultp, Maybelline super stay 24 hs and my Dermacolour palette among many others. 

However, there's always something new to try. I've been intrigued for ages about the Studio Finish concealers by MAC so I decided to get myself a two- one for my undereyes and the other for the redness around my face. 

So far- they are my favourite combo at the moment!

As you can see from the photo I use a Real Technique's brush to apply them but you can use it with your fingers or any type of concealer brush. I find that with this brush I get a quick, simple and light application. Ideal for the morning.

I went for NW25 for under my eyes. I find that a red based conceaer under my eyes does wonders to wake up my expression and help me with some small blue tone close to the bridge of the nose and with some tiny blue veins near my eyes. Sexy!

For the face I decided to go for an NC30. so far so good! It dos what it says on the tin. It convers everything and pretty well!

 To finish the application I use some setting powder by Laura Mercier. This is the brightening powder which is more for under the eyes but it does a decent job at setting the conceaer around the nose too.

It is true that this conceaers are super powerful in terms of coverage and pigmentation. They are pretty good!

for now I will keep on using these until further notice. Of course I will keep on using all my other stuff but this are on my go-to make-up at the moment.



Have you tried these?
Any recommendations? Ways of using it? Applying it?

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