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Hi ladies,

Nearly there for the end of the working week (for most of us).

On a recent lunch break with one of my colleagues we decided to have a "browse" on the New Look accessories' section. Well..the browsing ended up in a bargain hunt!

We just couldn't resist the buy 1 get 1 free!

This is what I got:

A spiky necklace which I adore!
I've been trying to find something similar in TopShop and had no luck.

This necklace is perfect. The length can be adjusted quite a bit and the spikes move. I mean they are not attached still on one place. It can dress up any casual outfit and it can give you that added touch of glamour. I cannot find it on the web!

Then I got a lovely cuff!

I'm in love with this cuff too. It's just bits tied together like a puzzle. Love that! The string is quite elastic so there's no problem putting it on and taking it off and the string will not give in. It's still tight and working to perfection. 

I find the colours so timeless (winter or summer) and I can see myself using this with so many of my outfits. 

Link to the cuff online here

The total cost of these bargains! £7 for both! BARGAIN!!! :)

I personally love New Look for these kinds of quick fixes! I always find something to take home.



What do you think of New Look?

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