Friday update- MUA work, life, shopping-etc etc etc

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday.

I have a lot of drafted posts of amazing products by Mac, Chanel, Clarins, etc etc but they all lack some swatch photos. Honestly I don’t see the point in showing a product when you don’t show a swatch so I will not post them until then.

So, I thought why not do an update/blah blah/ ramble post and tell you a bit of what I’ve been doing lately.

Shopping (we need to start with that- of course)

After Paris I thought I should cut down. It was one of those occasions when you just hide the evidence because it’s just too obvious! I spent too much money and I felt really bad about it. I do splash out- you know me- but this one was a SERIOUS splash out and I felt guilty. I haven’t felt that way in a long time but that feeling is gone. I am a bit more careful now- I hope!

But, having said that I just couldn’t resist some of the offerings on the latest collections. I will not go into details but I bought:

-The super lush Chanel blush with all the pink stripes. Yes, the one that is like £46 (ouch). It’s just gorgeous to look at. I feel bad at swatching it and ruining it. I could just be part of an untouched/unopened collection.
-I went for the TWO MSF in the latest MAC’s collection and for one of the blushes! Really? Yes.
-I went for the TWO liquid blushes that Clarins is offering at the moment. They were both gorgeous and because they are LE I went for both. Lame excuse- I know! The lady is also doing my eyes and lips at the counter next Friday- just before I go out.

Nearly there:
-I was tempted with some of the neon & nude (I think) it’s called by Bobbi Brown. They have two gorgeous purple e/s and that little nude palette is cute.
-I was mega tempted with the Laura Mercier new LE palette. Something called lips and cheeks, maybe?

I’ve been super busy lately. That’s the reason for the lack of posts. I work in the translation industry and it’s amazing how much businesses need to translate more to cater for the international markets.
I supervise people (up to 6 ATM) and it’s quite demanding. I also do a lot of PMing for our most important clients so it’s all pretty intense at times.
We recently won a contract worth around £170, 000! Yes, you read correctly! You would be amazed at how much people spend on translation and how expensive translations can be! I’m not complaining ;)

Married life
It was our 7th anniversary yesterday! WOW! Yes, that’s all I can say. 
He wants a baby- I want another dog!!! :P

I remember exactly that day and how it all happened. It was such a relaxed and happy wedding in Bs As. His family came all the way from London to join us. I didn’t do the big thing! No church and a nice reception for about 70 people. I still have what I wore that day all nicely kept.

MUA work
Make-up is probably my strongest hobby.  I am working hard on creating a nice and strong portfolio (more on that on another post) and I’m doing a lot of networking with photographers, models, other MUAS and studio owners.

So far I have been involved in very interesting projects one being a film and stills for an artist who will be performing at festivals this summer and those images will be showing at the back of the stage on the screens!
Tomorrow, I’m doing the make-up and hair on three amazing upcoming models for a fashion designer’s collection. The location is a big wharehouse. 
The project: There are 20 photographers involved and they all have different slots to borrow the clothes and they can approach the shoot as they please. Then all the 20 photographers print their work and they will all exhibit at the same time in a show room where all the magazines and press will be invited for the release. I just thought that probably the most clever way to promote you clothes! I’m so glad I’m involved in that! There will be a lot networking so I'll make sure I'll take my MUA cards with me :)

I’m also doing another shoot that involves a super mega big dress. Kind of a massive Victorian  dress with a big Union Jack flag at the front. We will be shooting in a pub! J

My shop
I have some super unique necklaces that I will be selling soon but more on that. It will not be on this blog. I’ll tell you more about that later in the month.

She’s adorable. My beloved had an op last week and he’s on leave at home. She gets a lot of attention and cuddles! She’s getting her jabs, checks and deworking tablets next weekend.

I think that’s about it!

I’m sure I will be updating you on Sunday how it all went and I’m definitely finishing all the drafted posts.


What are you up to? 

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  1. The Peach

    The Peach on 02/04/2012 6:13 a.m. #

    You have been one busy girl! Can't wait to see what necklaces you are selling! My husband and my anniversary is this month also. 5 years for us! And he gave up on the baby thing a while ago and I got a 3rd dog for Christmas :) I love my fur-kids! Can't wait for the makeup posts with some swatches! You always have great products to share with us!

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