Dupe Alert: Good Club Alternatives!

Hi ladies,

I had a bit of rummage through my collection (as you do on a Saturday afternoon) and I found 3 possible alternatives to the very famous eyeshadow called Club by Mac.

It's a duo chrome - mainly a very shimmery green with blues, purples and a few more undertones but when you blend it you get a very reddish brown. Most of the people pack the e/s on the lid and blend it towards the crease and you get a gorgeous look in no time!

I don't actually have Club by Mac but I do own 3 really good dupes!

1-Label Whore by Too Faced

It does the same! You get that very interesting green and you can blend it and you get the reddish brown.
This one in particular has some glitter on the pan but when you apply it the glitter disappears. Not sure where it goes but you cannot see it at all! It's available at Boots and retails at £11. Link

2-Famous by Sue Moxley (Cafe culture palette)

I discovered this one by coincidence. I wanted nice browns for everyday wear and the last e/s was exactly like Club. I have to say from these 3 dupes this one is the one that I like the most! By far! It's super super pigmented and it's very affordable. The red undertones on this e/s are  stronger than on the other two. On the photo below you cannot see the red tones that much but trust me they are there and they are strong. Also the green colour on the photo does not show too much. Again, trust me..it's the prettiest of the 3!The Famous by Sue Moxley range is available at Superdrug. I cannot see that they have the range online. I also heard that they will discontinue it from the stores. This quad was probably around £8 but they do sell the shadows in individual pots and the last time I saw them they were super cheap at about £3-£4! I will definitely re-stock soon!

3-Wet n' Wild (coloricon palette)
My beloved husband brought me this palette when we came from Vegas. Yes, I asked him to bring me some drugstore make-up! He did well :)
Wet n' wild is not available here in the UK (unfortunately) but I've been told that you can easily get their products from ebay.
The very last shadow on this palette is a soft version of club. It's super creamy and soft and the red undertones are less noticeable. The main green colour on this e/s is amazing! I'm not sure at how much this one retails but they were less than $8 for sure!


I hope this was helpful!

I did a video tutorial using some of these and I will be uploading it very soon! Stay tuned! 



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  1. x-Makeup-Meoww-x

    x-Makeup-Meoww-x on 11/06/2011 11:41 a.m. #

    Very helpful :) i also hear there is a club dupe in the MUA range?<br />-x<br /><br />http://makeupmeow.blogspot.com

  2. The Peach

    The Peach on 11/06/2011 2:38 p.m. #

    Love the looks of Label Whore. I have the WnW Night Elf palette that also has a Club dupe in it. Thanks for the comparison!

  3. sparkley_gem

    sparkley_gem on 11/06/2011 3:27 p.m. #

    Shade 12 (pearl) from MUA in Superdrug is also a 90% dupe - bought it yesterday for a quid and I&#39;m very happy with it!

  4. G A B Y

    G A B Y on 11/06/2011 6:18 p.m. #

    That Wet n Wild palette looks gorgeous, I MUST resist! I love Too Faced eyeshadows! Great finds x

  5. Makeup and Macaroons

    Makeup and Macaroons on 11/06/2011 7:51 p.m. #

    I don&#39;t own Club but I have that wet n wild palette... and I&#39;ve never used that dupe shade! Thanks for the reminder, looks like that&#39;s what I&#39;ll be wearing today. <br />Lilit<br />xo

  6. Staci - Makeup Chic Blog

    Staci - Makeup Chic Blog on 11/07/2011 12:55 a.m. #

    Great dupes! I&#39;ve been on a search for that WnW palette!

  7. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 11/07/2011 7:41 p.m. #

    @x-Makeup-Meoww-x : Yes, MUA does another good dupe too! And it&#39;s only £1! X<br /><br />@The Peach: You&#39;re welcome :) X<br /><br />@sparkley_gem: that&#39;s it! Thanks...couldn&#39;t remember the number!!! X<br /><br />@G A B Y: Mmm it&#39;s hard to resist! The Too faced is so so soft! X<br /><br />@Lilt: Yes, if you have that shadow you do not need Club! The W n&#39; W is soo soft! but it&#39;s not as pigmented as the other two I find. X<br /><br />@Staci - Makeup Chic Blog: I think you can find them on ebay actually. X

  8. Adrienne

    Adrienne on 11/10/2011 4:43 p.m. #

    These are great dupes so helpful :) I love club eyeshadow its one of the few shades that works on everyone :) x

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