A boring but necessary buy at MAC

Hi ladies,

I've been to MAC some weeks ago. There was the Fall Colour collection and I didn't want to pick up anything! Strange but true. Maybe I'll go and see the paint pots of the Posh collection at some point this week.

However, when I was there swatching things around during my lunch break I realised that I always wanted to get Groundwork paint pot and I never did.

I always get sidetracked and get more adventurous things and more on the bright colour side but this is a MUST-have for me.

It's the perfect transition colour/ crase colour that will warm up a look and it also works as a priming base.

The colour on the pot looks like a light brown on the reddish side but when you swatch it it's quite neutral in my opinion. What attracts me to this product is the texture and the finish.

The colour under natural light is just a plain light brown that will be ideal for a lot of looks as a crease colour or a transition colour between the lid colour and the highlight on the brow bone.
On this photo under natural light the finish looks like matte.

But when you take a photo under artificial light and using the flash look at what happens.
It has like a stain finish and a even light silver shine.

Yes, for me this was a super boring purchase. I don't get exited when I buy neutral colours for some reason but I do acknowledge the need for these type of products.

I think I'm done with paint pots for now. I have Blackground (a lovely black-gunmetal colour), Constructivist (a gorgeous shimmery brown/taupe colour), Painterly (a good matte base-pale pink/skin type colour), Rubenesque (a super gorgeous shimmery golden peachy colour that I use on my eyes and cheeks) and Delft (an interesting teal/turquoise colour that I now realise I should use much more).
I also had Bare Study, Soft Ochre and Artifact but I sold them some time ago. I wasn't using them enough. 

I think from the Posh collection I'll be looking at Half-wild and hyperviolet..of course. I would love to have a good purple paint pot. We'll see. These pots are big and I cannot see myself going though one of them before they dry out.



What would be a boring purchase for you? Do you get exited with neutral colours?
Any thoughts on the Posh collection

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  1. Lauren Rose

    Lauren Rose on 10/09/2011 noon #

    I've never tried Groundwork it looks lovely against your skin tone x

  2. Makeup and Macaroons

    Makeup and Macaroons on 10/09/2011 1:20 p.m. #

    Sometimes those boring necessities are ones that are the most valuable to us. Even though I love my colours, neutrals like Groundwork really excite me. <br />Great review hun, <br /><br />Lilit<br />xo

  3. Eloise

    Eloise on 10/09/2011 4:12 p.m. #

    I&#39;ve been tempted to purchase a paint pot to use as a base colour but I know what you mean about it being a boring purchase. Thats purely the reason I haven&#39;t bought one up to now and have always opted for something brighter and more gimmiky-er - if that&#39;s even a word<br /><br />xx

  4. MarBear

    MarBear on 10/09/2011 5:54 p.m. #

    Groundwork is the first paint pot I purchased and I use it as a base because its the same color as my eyelids. But I find that it still causes some creasing, but maybe thats just on me?<br />Great post!

  5. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 10/18/2011 2:09 p.m. #

    @Lauren Rose: Thank you! I&#39;m actually using it nearly every day. Such an easy product to use! X<br /><br />@Makeup and Macaroons: I couldn&#39;t agree more! X<br /><br />@Eloise: I completely undestand you! I was the same and now I&#39;m buying some little basic things here and there and I see how worng I was! X<br /><br />@MarBear: It doesn&#39;t crease on me and I don&#39;t use any base. X

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