OOTD: A Leather Belt That Never Fails Me

Hi ladies,

I haven't posted anything fashion/clothes related in ages.

Maybe because the extra 5kgs that I randomly/innocently gained in the last mmm 7 months (?) put me off from buying any new clothes. I'm currently between of size 8 and a more comfortable/realistic size10 and I refuse to jump onto size 10 just yet. But I can't keep my mouth shut and I'm not very motivated to do any exercise. I'm too tired these days. I really hope this will change. I miss walking Willow for hours. Now I realised that helped me to keep my weight. Booo.

Ramble aside, I recently discovered an old favourite of mine.

My trusted burdundy leather belt.

The cotton dress is from GAP

This is probalby the handiest belt you can ever have.
It helps you dress up a notch any informal/casual outfit.

This is one of those that has a hole on one side so you put one end through and then you get like a wrap effect wich I always find so flattering on me. I don't tie it too hard otherwise you can get the horrible muffin effect!

I purchased it about a year ago in Spitafiled Market in East London.
I also got a caky one which I find hard to match to my clothes so I never use it.
As I haggle anywhere I go and as I purchased 2 I think I got both for £20 but I think they were originally £15.

It's probably my favourite belt at the moment.

I know the colours are not too summery but people..let's face it Summer is not here yet.
Just look out of the window. Grey, grey and more grey sky! :(



What's your favourite belt?
Why? Where is it from?

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  1. Makeup and Macaroons

    Makeup and Macaroons on 07/19/2011 12:19 p.m. #

    OMG that belt is divine! I want! I had a similar belt once, in black, and in a spare of a manic moment of wardrobe cleanout I gave it to my mum. Now I want it back, but I can&#39;t ask for it back as she wears it all the time. Oh the dilemma! <br />But the burgundy version is seriously to die for!

  2. Andrea

    Andrea on 07/19/2011 12:49 p.m. #

    I&#39;ve been looking for a belt like that for ages! All the ones I find are not so nice and this one looks great on you!<br /><br />About the 5kgs... don&#39;t let yourself buy a size 10. That&#39;s what I did and you&#39;d totally regret it. It took me 8 months of hard diet to loose the 15kg I needed to come back to my normal size, so be strong!! :)<br /><br />xx

  3. EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog*

    EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog* on 07/20/2011 3:08 p.m. #

    Oh that belt looks really nice!

  4. m i s s a r c h

    m i s s a r c h on 07/20/2011 3:40 p.m. #

    it is so gorgeous, im sure will look even better with a little black dress and a matching pair of heels! btw u look really good, but really doesnt matter what others say, it;s all about how you feel better when it comes to weight...im always so uncomfortable about my weight, im size 6 usually and always after putting lil bit on but when i do i always want to loose weight, it is like only thing matters in the world is my weight,,,sick i know...luckily my boy is a psychiatrist and i survive..:) lol..i know u r not like me, but just wanted to share...it is a nightmare for me...but im getting better as i get older:)

  5. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 07/20/2011 5:08 p.m. #

    @Makeup and Macaroons:LOL..you made me laught! I used to have a similar dilemma with my sisters but I ALWAYS ask for what they took back. Especially now that we all live in different countries: Argentina, Australia and England! XX<br /><br />@Andrea: Thanks Andrea! I appreciate your support. I haven&#39;t actually started the diet yet. I need to concentrate and put the target on the fridge door or better on the cheese drawer on the fridge! Well done for loosing that waight. It sounds a healty period of time. X<br /><br />@EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog: Thank you! How&#39;s your cupcake coming along? How far are you? X<br /><br />@m i s s a r c h: Oh dear. We&#39;re all the same I guess. It&#39;s all on our minds. Be strong and don&#39;t let yourself fool you...wight is not all in life. How handy to have a psychiatrist...:P<br />And yes..as you grow older you get wiser and other things matter. XXX

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