Review: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and Brightening Powder

Hi Ladies,

I guess this is another post for the Laura Mercier series.

It's her Secret Concealer in N3

(Sorry for the horrible watermark...I know it doesn't look good today)

Since we started sharing the bedroom with Willow (my dog) I've deleoped horrible under eye dark circles. She wakes me up in the middle on the night and every other hour, she jumps on our bed, she shakes, she scratches, she pants, she moves, she kicks, etc. From next week I decided that she will go back to the kitchen to her comfy sofa/bed. I was being nice but she doesn't learn the bedroom rules :)

Anyway, I have under eyes circles, bags, darkeness at the moment so I needed to conceal them.
I was between this concealer and the creamy concealer by Bobbi Brown.

I'm not really sure why but I decided to try this one.
I guess I was buying things on the counter so I went for it.
Also, the girl at the counter seemed nicer and more willing to help and not sell.
Or so I thought.

I asked the girl to match me with one of the colours. She decided number 3 was the one for me and it looked just perfect!
She also applied a bit of the Secret Brightening Powder on top to set it.
I looked at the eye done and at the naked eye and the difference was a miracle!

So, I went for both products. Yes, I was on let's buy a lot mode.
And let me tell you...I don't regret it a bit!

These are the products and the packaging:

Secret Concealer N3

✔It comes in a pot with a screw-in top. Basic and classic but practical.
✔The product is as creamy as you can ever asked for especially for the under eye area.
✔It's in a peachy tone ideal for covering blue-toned darkness.
✔I find it performs better when applied with the fingers. 
✔When I don't use the powder it stays for a long time but with the powder it stays even longer.
✔I don't experience any mayor creasing.

Secret Brightening Powder

✖The packaging is not good. The powder is SOOO fine that the little holes are way too big. I only let one hole open and every time I open it it's all kind of all over the place. This will be a nightmare product to travel with.
✔The product itself is amazing!
✔It has tiny luminous particles that ARE visible on the pot but when applied the GO! You cannot see them on your face. The girl told me that's the beauty of this product and that the light will catch on those particles making the under eye are more brighter but not glittery and she was right.

Here is a comparison photo:
The Laura Mercier Secret Concealer next to two MAC Studio Sculpt concealers. 

If you are curious about whey I don;t use my NW20 under my eyes. I find this concealer incredibly good for the face but it's too thick for under the eye. Also it can sometimes look cakey on that very thin and sensitive area.

I want to do a before and after photo for you but I want to do it in the morning when you can clearly see I need some help.

I have to say. I adore this product.
I never thought I need an under eye concealer but honestly it can really change your expression.

It makes me look more awake, less puffed up and if brings radiance to my face.

I will definitely recommend it and I will definitely repurchase BOTH products although I truly believe the powder will last me for ever.

I hope this review is helpful if you are looking for an under eye concealer.



What's your favourite under eye concealer?
Have you tried this product?
Let me know your thoughts. 

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  1. Delyteful Speaks

    Delyteful Speaks on 06/24/2011 10:22 p.m. #

    I can&#39;t wait to see the before and after photos!<br /><br />I just recently bought the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and I&#39;m just not too happy about it.. It doesn&#39;t hide my dark circles as well as I would like it to.. <br /><br />Will definitely look into this concealer though.. Thanks heaps for this post hun.. I soo needed it!

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