Me With Green and Blue Eyes-What Do You Think?

Hi ladies,

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Thank you to all of you.
I'm so happy that each one of you read my posts, comment and recommend me.
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So, onto the post of today.

I got Photoshop CS5 some time ago and never got round to learn to use it properly.
Don't worry I hardly ever retouch my blog photos to pretend I have amazing skin, long lashes, the perfect pout or to make me super skinny (I wish).
I wanted to do more design things rather than only photography with it.

But then my sister Vicky showed me how you can change eye colours in photos and I couldn't stop experimenting and playing with it.

This is the REAL me with brown eyes.
I only realised how pretty my eye colour was when I started posting photos and people commented on my eyes. For me they were just plain and boring brown but then I discovered the power of contrasting make up to make colours pop and help the base colour to be darker or lighter.

I find that purples really suit my eye colour and makes them even lighter..more honey/ hazel.
Greens can sometimes make them a bit darker.
Browns just look boring as it's all the same colour.
Reds or burgundys make me look ill.
Coppers, oranges and yellows can be interesting of blended properly.
Blacks make them stand out but not as much as purples.
Blues look good too.

So I wondered what I would look like if I had a different eye colour.
And this is what I came up with.

Me with GREEN eyes
I know this green looks a bit too reptile but you get the idea.

And me with SEA-BLUE eyes
Again, a not that realistic blue but you get the idea.
Remember, I'm just learning yo use the stuff.

It's really strange for me to see me with a different eye colour but it's great fun make-up wise.

I don't like how purple looks with my blue eye but I love it with the green eyes.

Now I understand why companies do palettes based on the eye colours.
At first I didn't pay too much attention to that but it makes total sense now.

This post also made me think of all the post production work on fashion photos and that not everything you see is real. Very few people are born with immaculate skin and amazing everything.
Let's get real: It's all in the hands of the Photoshop artist!



Did you like my little experiment?
What eye colour do you wish you had?
What colour suits your eye colour the most?

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  1. sternchenslove

    sternchenslove on 04/16/2011 8:33 p.m. #

    The green eyes are amazing, because of your hair colour. I wish my eyecolour where turquoise. I have lenses in that colour and it looks great in the summer. <br />The eyeshadows that are popped my eyes are bronze/ orange. Bute I wear every eyeshadow colour.

  2. The Peach

    The Peach on 04/16/2011 10:42 p.m. #

    What fun! I think your natural brown eye color is amazing! But the green looks great too! I&#39;m pretty happy with my natural eye color, but I wish the green in my eyes were more vibrant.

  3. Katrine Dall

    Katrine Dall on 04/17/2011 12:43 p.m. #

    OMG The green eyes are amazing !! :-)

  4. m i s s a r c h

    m i s s a r c h on 04/17/2011 2:37 p.m. #

    u tottally rock green eyes! why not consider wearing lenses once in a while :) i have green eyes and occasionally wear grey lenses just for fun, it is amazing how an eye color makes an HUGE diffrence on overall expression...

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