FOTD: Doing mum's make-up

Hi ladies,

This is actually a different type of post.

It will feature my mum!

She actually lives in Buenos Aires (where I'm from) and I live in London but whenever I go to visit (once a year at least) I always ask her to do her make-up.
She never says no. :-)

She has the most beautiful skin you can imagine. 
Not greasy at all and not a single dry patch!
She's 57 but she looks brilliant! I hope I will look like this when I'm her age.
She totally abused the sun when she was in her 20s so I'm so surprised she still looks incredibly good. Thinking about it she always used some sort of sun protection
so I guess that helped.
My favourite features are her eyes.
 The colour is a mixture of green, blue and grey.
Very unusual!

I guess my eldest sister got a bit of her...she's the only one with very light blue eyes..all the rest of us have brown eyes. My dad has green eyes so...not sure...
It's the lottery of genetics I guess.

Looking at some photos from some past holidays I found these two when I did her make-up.

And this is the finished look.

Let's see if I remember what I used.
Foundation: Mat Lumiere by Chanel
Cheeks: Style by Mac

-Barry M Duzzledust in 22 (Black with a million gold sparkles) (I used it wet and then dry)
-Black eyeliner in Smolder by Mac
-A tiny bit of black e/s smudged on the lower lash line.

-A brown/nude gloss by Barry M.

She loved it!

These photos are probably 2 years old and my make-up skills greatly improved since then (she says) so next time I'll try deep burgundy colours to make here eyes pop and I'll try to experiment a bit more.
I'll take photos to show you.

She's the one to blame for my make-up addiction.
I always remember sitting at her rustic dressing table and playing with all her make up!
Even though she was mainly a one or two eyeshadow colour lady..typically blue or green she also had masses of expensive palettes which we were not allowed to touch.
Mmm she wished! :-P
She would also follow fashion trends and she would know what the next "it" thing was but she would also have her own style which on occasion embarrassed us when she went to the school gate to pick us up. I'm sure we all had that. I now understand it! She had a different style from the other mums...maybe she even set trends..who knows.

Whenever she was around when we were about to go out she would encourage us to use make-up and dress nicely and she would supply me with some super fine glitter from her workshop (she's an artist/ interior decorator) so I would put a bit on my eyes as an eyeliner mixed with a bit of glue.
And we're talking about maybe 15 years ago!
 Do you get it now? She's the one to blame big time!

However, after all those years of glamour she then decided it was time to go back to her roots (apparently there is some kind of Native South American Aborigine blood in the family) and she became a bit of a hippie.
She even smokes a pipe! Yep...that's mum.

This is her living room:

This is my beloved chilling out at a big family get together at her place.
We had so much fun...playing music and chatting like mad all at the same time.

I love it there. So packed of personality and it's soo her!
I also love it there because she doesn't have internet so you just connect with nature.

And for reference so that you can see if we look similar or not..
These are my two sists.

Me, Pau and Vicky.
I love them to bits and we are all very close!

And the three of us with mum:



Who do you think is the most similar to our mum?
Didn't mum look gorgeous with my make-up?

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  1. All Made Up

    All Made Up on 12/01/2010 2:01 a.m. #

    I cant believe how similar you and your mum look! you&#39;d easily see that you&#39;re related from a mile away! Her skin looks absolutely gorgeous so I imagine she&#39;d look fantastic in pretty much any makeup look. I like how you&#39;ve kept things fairly simple and then added a little drama to the eyes<br /><br />Living room looks so cosy - as soon as I can afford my own place (still sharing with my best friend) I shall be decorating it in a very similar way :)

  2. Vivianna

    Vivianna on 12/01/2010 4:59 p.m. #

    This is such a lovely post! You and your mum and sisters all look so alike (you look especially like Vicky!). My mum hates makeup and only really wear lip balm bless her - I don&#39;t know where I get it from - lol xx

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