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 Hi ladies
I haven't done a skin care post in a while.
Boots experts together with a team of researchers from the Royal Botanical Gardens have teamed up to create Botanics range. For this skin and hair care range they mainly used plant extracts and natural ingredients for the benefit of a healthy and good looking skin. No chemicals are added and I don't believe they test on animals either. Kew gardens were also asked to take part in this creation by authenticating the source and healing power of each plant extract used.
This is not a new range but it really deserves to be known by everyone.

These are the products I have:

Ultra Moisturising Shampoo
This is a very light feeling shampoo that will revive your hair instantly. It doesn't foam too much because it doesn't have that detergent ingredient that makes all other high street shampoos foam like mad to give us the feeling they are working.
It's probably not my favourite shampoo but it does the job pretty well. Your hais will feel clean and light.
It's a thumbs up for me.

Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

This is my favourite product of the range by far!
I've tried hundreds of make up removers but none do the job like this one.
I love tight lining and applying waterproof mascara and liner and normally my make up looks are on the dark/deep side.
To apply it I shake the bottle and then I apply a tiny bit on a cotton pad or a wipe and I let the magic act commence! In just a few seconds this product seems to seriously melt any make up I have on.
And you know that stubborn eyeliner that stays on the waterline and you need to pull or rub to get it off. Well...with this make up remover it's all gone in seconds!
It's a bit of a funny formula tho. Once you use it it's like as if you had a tiny film of oil all around your face BUT just leave it in because in a matter of minutes that oil turns into a moisturiser and it's absorbed completely. No oily feeling left.
This is my second bottle.
For me this is the star of the range!

Intensive Nourishing Serum
Ok, yes..I went "mature" on this one.
I just wanted an affordable night serum.
It's a very light night serum that totally absorbs super quick into your skin. It's a concentrate so you only need a tiny bit. It's a pale yellow but when you apply it it turns into a transparent kind of gel.
I've been using it for about a week now and it feels good.
My skin feels much smoother and healthy than before but I get the same effect with other moisturiser so I'm not sure this is a total must to be honest.
It comes with a handy pump which is always handy and it has a built in system that pulls all the product upwards so there is no product waste. Clever!

Skin Recovery Serum
This serum is for sensitive skin.
I bought this one because I was having a lot of break out around my chin area and I wanted something soft and gentle to the skin.
It feels more like a moisturiser rather than a serum.
I use this one every morning after I use a toner. My skin always feels softer and looking a bit more alive after I apply it. It smells nice as well.
I would happily re-purchase this one.
It comes with a handy pump as well and the same system as the serum above to avoid any product waste.

Skin Brightening Toner
This is one of my most recent buys from the range and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I use it every morning instead of washing my face. It smells very nice and gentle.
I apply it with a cotton pad all over my face.
It soothes my skin and it brings some freshness to my cheeks.
What I'm not too sure about is the brightening effect.
As you all know, I have uneven skin tone and I've suffered some skin damage on my forehead which is actually fading away (yeyy). 
This toner might help on that side of things but it can also cause it!
It has a sun alert: it has Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that may increase my sun sensitivity causing more sun burn =sun damage for me. It says to limit sun exposure for a week after the use of this product is stopped.
A lot of other products have this ingredient and can cause the same effect.
So,  this is ok for winter but definitely not for spring/summer when you are more likely to catch the sun.

Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse

This I remember was my first purchase of the range.
It looks like a milky liquid in the bottle but you need to shake it and when you press this special pump the liquid turns into a mousse. Very similar to hair mousses. You only need 1 1/2 pumps to get a good deep clean.
I normally use it in the shower when my pore are wide open due to the hot water.
My hubby even asked me to buy it again when we finished it. This is probably my third bottle.
It will definitely give you a deep clean and a feeling that your face is soft and smooth. It won't reduce the size of the pores but it helps with maintaining them clean.
This product has also the AHA ingredient so be careful with the sun exposure.

I do like the Botanics range very much.
There's something for everyone and for every skin type.
The product sizes are generous and the brilliant thing is that the prices are very affordable and you can get very good deals with the 3 for 2 offers.
I think the most expensive thing from the range is £8 or £9.



Have you tried this range?
What do you think about it?
Anything to recommend?

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  1. Vivianna

    Vivianna on 11/12/2010 11:33 a.m. #

    Ooooo I do need to get my hands on that eye makeup remover! It sounds fab!! xx

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